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Situation of Palestinian refugees | Palestine Children's campaign

Cyber ​​Middle East war has already begun: Foresight | Article | ... World of refugees, people to people Palestinian refugees Year, the next Middle East war broke out in response to Israel's founding declaration. 00 more villages were destroyed, 00,000 people more than the Palestinians have lost their homes and home. This, in Palestine is called the [Nakba (catastrophe). Palestinian people who have fled to neighboring countries, while anxious to [return to home] Since then, we have been living as refugees over a period of 2.0 years. Refugees was originally 00,000 people, shelter in three generations, becomes the fourth generation, it has become the largest refugee group in the world now reached about 000,000 people. UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees office) refugees the total number of the world have announced about, the light of 000 million people, is the Palestinian refugees person to really people. UN and Palestinian refugees Palestinian refugees, was born issues an end to the United Nations United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine] of the year.

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