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The rise of the Third Fourth Middle East war and [fundamentalism]

Cyber ​​Middle East war has already begun: Foresight | Article | ... ~ Secular Palestinian movement (nationalism / socialism) vs secular Zionism Palestine Liberation Organization: PLO establishment. A pair of Fatah Israel attack start) . Six-Day War Israel's victory (Sinai, the Golan, the West Bank, Gaza occupation) Deception of exposure of Arab nationalism (the impact of the Yemen civil war) Muslim Brotherhood - Jordan to [Islamic awakening], penetrate into the occupied territories Force expansion of religious Zionism (such as a religious political party Mafudaru) Pilgrimage realization of the Western Wall (the second miracle following the founding: Messiah is at hand) Just manifest contradictions and limitations of Labor Zionism socialism since the founding The logic of religious Zionism (which constitutes a part of the modern Jewish [fundamentalism]) "Judaism of the basic: After the Last Judgment, the Messiah will bring redemption to the people of Israel" + Kabbalah arrival of the Messiah if devotion to the (Jewish mysticism) - faith activities earlier --- return to Eretz Israel by Jews forms the beginning of the Atonement.

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